Code Guide

DemeTECH Corporation is made to order suture manufacturer, manufacturing any combination of suture specifications to provide specific requirements to the surgeon. Customization and innovation is DemeTech’s specialty. Below you will find our custom code guide, in which you can build your  own suture, creating over 2 million different type.


Surgical suture information

Sutures are designed to help the body heal by closely opposing two sides of a wound to minimize scar formation or to prevent leaking blood, like in vessels. Sutures have to comply with several regulations and guidelines such as United States Pharmacopeia and the FDA to ensure they meet the necessary requirements.

Essential Suture Characteristics:

All Sutures by DemeTECH are Manufactured to Meet the Necessary Qualities:

  • Sterility.
  • Uniform diameter and size.
  • Pliability for ease of handling and knot security.
  • Uniform tensile strength by suture type and size.
  • Freedom from irritants or impurities that would elicit tissue reaction.

Use Recommendations

Lower extremities



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